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Llifting Weights


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My Mission and Philosophy


My mission is to help you achieve your specific Health and Fitness goal. Whether that's losing body fat, increasing strength, becoming more mobile/ flexible, working around an injury, or working around a condition. I'm the guy for you. 

I've accumulated a mass of Health and Fitness education and experience in my 30 years of being alive. I know what works and doesn't work when it comes to accomplishing your goals. I won't allow you to make the same mistakes others have made. I'll let you in on what the secrets are behind Fitness success.


Changing habits, is hard. Training, is hard. Making difficult choices, is hard. Being disciplined, is hard. BUT! the results are worth it. 

My Experience and Education

- Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, with a concentration in Exercise Science from California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) in December 2018
- American Council on Exercise Certification - Personal Training - July 2015
- Years of experience working in private studios and commercial gyms.

- Interned in the Sacramento State Strength and Conditioning Program
- 6 years military training in the United States Marine Corps
- CPR/AED certification
- Yale University course completion - The Science of Well Being
- Real Estate Agent

My Services

Health and Fitness Consulting

1:1 Personal Training
Mobile Training (We drive to you!)

Virtual Training

Corporate Wellness Training

Elliptical Machine
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