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Client Spotlight

Our Clients doing what they do best


Melany came to us looking to drop her body fat, grow her glutes, and train safely and efficiently to not hurt herself. She's learned how to incorporate a healthy and fit lifestyle into her life. 

IG: @Melschiro


Tisha came to us with the goal of gaining weight, being stronger, and alleviate back issues. Tisha works as a social media influencer and talent manager for social media influencers. She needs to be at the top of her game 24/7, and we were able to make that happen by giving her kick ass workouts! 

IG: @Tisha.Vaculin

TikTok: @TishaVaculin1



Bryan came in with the goal of dropping body fat to get more definition as well as retain as much muscle mass as possible. A side goal was to improve his posture. 


Billy came to us with the goal to be stronger, have more endurance, and improve functionality. Bill is an inspiration that it's never to late to start and work on your goals. He is the hardest worker in the room.

PHOTO (8).jpg


Michael came to us with the goal of improving his overall well-being. We interchanged his bad habits for positive habits. Through the process he has gained size (and weight), developed a routine that works for him, and realized the importance of daily exercise. He's addicted to the process.

PHOTO (75).jpg

Chris and Kelli 

Chris and Kelli came to us with the goals to lose body fat, be more healthy, and to enjoy life more. They enjoy riding and selling MasterCraft boats in California and Nevada. If you see them for a boat, tell em Royal Fitness By Ryan sent ya! 

PHOTO (108).jpg

Rina and Heather

Rina and Heather came to us with the goal to lose body fat and complete a Tough Mudder race. They did just that within a matter of 10 months! Their determination is only matched by their passion for caring for their senior living residents.

PHOTO (40).jpg
PHOTO (49).jpg


Judy was a prominent marathon runner, who loves her sport. An injury to her patellar region (Knee) prevented her from doing what she loved most. She came off a sedentary state, lost body fat, and now enjoys running again... PAIN FREE!  

PHOTO (105).jpg


Helya came to us in preparation for a day she had been preparing her whole life for, college graduation. Helya's goal was to look and feel confident as she walked across the stage to accept her degree in front of friends  and family. Hard work pays off! 


Kadhir came is a passionate assistant principal and amateur boxer. Kadhir's goal was to look like Bruce Lee. What we did was drop his body fat down to look and feel mean, while still being able to pursue his love for boxing training. As well as assist instilling discipline in his students.

PHOTO (82).jpg


Ashwini came to us in preparation for her special wedding day. Her goal was to build tone. We are honored for the opportunity to work with her for her wedding in India and settling in Sweden with her husband. 

PHOTO (100).jpg


Gabby came to us in search of looking and feeling like a million bucks for her special day. A day she had been looking forward to since she met her now husband Gawain. 

PHOTO (114).jpg
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